We have been creating exclusive interior designs for 15 years. This is possible thanks to the team of international architects, artists, decorators and designers which Woodstone has assembled. They instinctively understand aesthetics and comfort and skillfully apply their expertise to their work.

We keep track of current trends on your behalf so that your home becomes a model of style and quality. The Woodstone team is professional, experienced and has impeccable taste. We can bring the most varied ideas to life thoughtfully and elegantly. Our team is comprised of professionals from Italy, Japan, Russia and other countries in the world. Within a harmonious framework they create unique interiors, subtly and carefully incorporating them into the context of your life.

We value your time and will manage all stages of the project including the design, construction, choice of decor, contracts with suppliers, purchase of materials and all documentation. You inherit the interior fully ready to go. Your day-to-day participation in the project is a right but not an obligation.
Every one of our interiors is a magical transformation of characterless walls into a private living space matching your status, thoughts and personal preferences. We reshape the space in your style so that it's as comfortable as a made to measure suit.
Company partners Maria Volkova and Yoko Tanabe.